Monday, June 1, 2009

2 More Sleeps!

Ok, 2 more sleeps till we take off to get baby Tilly!
I was talking to my partner in crime... Erica. She was telling me how much she is looking forward to going shopping to get new threads...
I also spoke to Rob from the breeder today, and Tilly got her paperwork to come across the border and so on... All healthy and ready to go... I am UBER excited.... the anxiety that is building up inside from keeping this secret is just about festered its way to the top and I am about ready to explode... I need to grab a pillow and SCREAM into it as loud as I can....
We decided to check out the 8 mile market and boutiques of Kalamazoo Michigan... That should be fun... it will probably take us almost all day to walk it, especially with Shrek, we will probably have to answer the typical dane questions about 3 zillion times... how much does he eat, weigh, can you putt a saddle on him and ride him? etc etc etc... That is one thing I am not looking forward to when I have my dane.... I think I will have a t-shirt made and when someone askes I can just tell them to read the shirt.... LOL!

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