Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Days & Counting...

Ok.. So it is Sunday... the parents are over at the barkery stuffing cookie bags, and I am home with the girls, I am cooking ribs and chicken boobies tonight for dinner, we have our family friends Matt and his buddy coming for dinner... have not seen them in a long time...
It is only 3 days until I leave for my trip, the anxiety is killing me... I can't wait to squeeeesh my new baby Tilly....
Sammy & Cali seem to be in good spirits about the new baby... I had a long talk while we were falling asleep last night with the girls, one on one side of my bed, and one on the other, me smack dab in the middle... I think with Tilly I am going to have to get a king size bed! I know what you are thinking, dogs don't belong on the bed... Mine do! Going to bed, just wouldn't be the same without a cold wet nose or 2 beside your ears on your pillow... I love having the girls as my bed guests... we have our routine... especailly with Sammy... Cali just sort of does what she wants... sometimes I get cuddles I night, other times, she lays in the corner near the wall..
Sammy gets up on the bed, and sits looking down at me until I get her pillow positioned properly, she then proceeds to lay down with her paws under the pillow, and her head on top... This all started when she was a baby.... see picture... This is Sammy as a baby with her head on the pillows!
Once Sammy knows I am asleep she will hop down into her donut bed on the floor... She is such a spoiled dog! Cali on the other hand, once she is asleep she is really asleep, sometimes she lays upside down with her paws straight in the air, and stays like that all night long... wish I had a pic of that... kinda hard in the dark!
Going to bed just isn't the same without our routine! I am going to be training Tilly to sleep on the floor on her brand new custom great dane mat that I am having made for her from Aviva designs... ohhh microsuede!
"Tilly the next time!"

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  1. How exciting! We can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^