Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 Days! Another Saturday

Hi All..
Ok, it is just another saturday, it is 7a.m. and my parents were awesome this morning, they decided to take the trailer to the market for me early, so I didn't have to rush around...
So here I am blogging, eating breakfast, and walking the girls.
It is 4 days now until I leave on the great adventure to get Tilly...
She is going to be great, however, still nervous about the possibility of my life coming to a quick halt when showing the parents the new baby... I am sorta 50/50... they are either going to fall in love, or I am going to be sleeping with my 3 dogs on the barkery floor. Am I crazy? LOL...
Ok, off the the market... I smell a "belly buster" for breakfast!

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