Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1 More Sleep....ZZZZZZZZ.... shhhhhh... ZZZZZZZZ....

Sammy & Cali here.... mom is going nuts today, hustling around like a busy bee, getting everything she needs for her road trip to Michigan. Us girls are gonna stay with grammum & granpawp... Mom doesn't know that when she is away the puppies play! We get spoiled by the grandpawrents when mum is away... teeheee .. scratch scratch....
We know something is up, there has to be... mum has been cleaning up our room, and making sure that the donut beds are all clean and fluffed up... and and and... just all around acting a bit weird.... We know the puppy is coming home soon, but she is going overboard....
Anyhow... even though we miss our mum when she goes away, we know that there is always something fun or yummy to have when she gets back. She has already promised to bring us home something special! Smile, pant lick lick.... Well she is hollering for us to go out for our last pee of the night, over and out... till the next time...


  1. Hi girls,

    My name is Mona and I was overe at Bolo's blog and he told us you have a new blog so here we are. Welcome to the bloggie world. Can't wait to see you new sister. Hope we can be friends, I love to make new friends Honey is my friend too.

    {{{huggies}}}...Mona & Mommy

    Ps...Before for me Mommy had a little girl names Samantha & she used to call her Sammy too.

    Pss....I'm a wire haired dachshund with a summer hair cut.

  2. Safe drive Miss Lea! Can't wait to meet Tilly!