Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tilly - On the road

Hiiiiiiiii Tilly Here...
This is officially my first post...
Right now we are in Windsor staying at the travelodge hotel... we got some kool digs here... I have the biggest bed I have ever seen, a pool, free breakfast and highspeed internet... but mom insists that I can't use any of those cool services... And I was just getting ready to call room service... darn!
I am looking forward to going home to newmarket, where I will finally meet my grandpawrents... I will just give them the cutest puppy face and licks and sport my new bandana and hopefully since they are not expecting me, they will just fall in love... I know it.. but I will write in the full report when the time comes... I am also looking forward to meeting my older sisters... in this case I can't say big sisters cus little do they know, I will be much bigger than them.. "Tilly Then!"....

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  1. Hi Tilly! Hi Miss Lea! Welcome ot the Blogosphere! Have a safe trip back to Newmarket!